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Children’s 1-2-1 Support

1-to-1 sessions provide a great platform to aid your child’s physical and emotional development. We work closely with children looking to improve their sporting performance and with a number of children with special educational needs (SEN).

The aim of our sessions is to help your child feel happy and confident. Whether your child is struggling with mainstream sport, competing within a professional football academy or has simply fallen out of love with exercise, we can help.


Ben’s sessions have been an enormous support to my son. He has grown immensely in both stamina and confidence. Celia
A friend recommended Ben come to us to work with my 9 year old son with Autism. Ben asked for his OT report so he could work out what Louis needed to specifically work on. He now comes once a week and builds Louis confidence by doing various sports, working on his core and thinking up clever and innovative ways to help him. It’s Louis highlight of the week and I literally couldn’t recommend him enough. Lucy Johnston

Session Locations

  • Wandsworth Common West Side
  • Wandsworth Common Bolingbroke Grove
  • Local home visits
  • Clapham Common West Side

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