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Our mentoring programme uses sport and physical activity as a platform to aid individual holistic development. We work together with organisations to curate mentorship spaces that provide support and boost the well-being of our mentees. We believe these mentorship places are a powerful social tool and we are passionate about using our time to help others.

We work across 3 local partner organisations and at present we work with 50 young people per week.

Currently our programme includes the following services:


Educational & Workplace interventions


Wellbeing support to private organisations


Private mentorship

We were looking for an individual/organisation to work with us at Dulwich Hamlet to help us (staff) create a safe space for open communication for the players. bmactive has helped us gain a better understanding of why the players play football & want to play for DHWFC. It has helped us gain a better understanding of the players as individuals & the group. During the session we have created our core values which has helped us create balanced, fun, open & honest working environment.

bmactive have also improved individuals performances by working 1:1 create coping mechanisms to support their emotional needs during pressure situations on the pitch.

We’re looking forward continuing our work with bmactive over the coming seasons. Dulwich Hamlet Women’s FC
Elliot, Ayon and the Team have been working with 12 young people at our school for the past term and the work they do is fantastic! The pupils are engaged and excited about the sessions, and it supports the needs of a range of pupils whether they be someone impartial to talk to, some 1:1 dedicated time to them or an opportunity to burn off energy whilst reflecting on how their week has been. Watching a pupil do his secret handshake with Ayon as he left last week made it clear to see how much those 20 minutes are the highlight to his day! Bolingbroke Academy
Our pupils at Belleville Primary School have benefited from Sports Mentoring at bmactive. Children look forward to their weekly sessions and the coaches have built great relationships with all the children. It has been a great way for children to build confidence and self esteem outside of the classroom. Belleville Primary School

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